The Sozosei Foundation is a philanthropic arm of Otsuka. The Foundation’s primary focus is to eliminate the use of jail and prisons for the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. In addition to our primary focus on the decriminalization of mental illness, the Sozosei Foundation also supports efforts to build resilient, healthy, and vibrant communities in Stockton, California; City of Baltimore, Maryland; and Camden, Newark, Patterson, and Trenton, New Jersey, and engages in disaster relief and recovery in places where Otsuka has a presence globally.

Mental illness is not a crime. Yet far too many individuals receive their first diagnosis of mental illness in jail or prison — a result of stigma, discrimination, racism, as well as the persistent and systemic failure of the U.S. healthcare system to provide affordable, accessible, community-based mental health care.

Despite this complex web of factors, the Foundation believes an opportunity exists to make measurable progress to decriminalize mental illness by increasing access to mental health care in communities in order to eliminate the inappropriate use of jails and prisons for diagnosis and treatment. 

Through our Annual Sozosei Summit to Decriminalize Mental Illness and grantmaking, the Foundation is eager to engage in dialogue and work collaboratively to move the needle to decriminalize mental illness in the United States. Mental illness is not a crime. 

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While the Sozosei Foundation's primary focus is to eliminate the use of jails and prisons for the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, we also recognize the importance of building resilient, healthy, and vibrant communities. The Sozosei Foundation's Resilient Communities Program (RCP) aims to make a tangible impact in diverse, under-resourced communities within a 50-mile radius Otsuka's offices in the United States.

Working through three community foundation partners — the Baltimore Community Foundation, Community Foundation of San Joaquin, and the Community Foundation of New Jersey — RCP grants support, organizations in: Baltimore City, Maryland; Stockton, California; and Camden, Newark, Paterson, and Trenton, NJ addressing:

  • Access to the arts and/or creative placemaking;
  • Climate change;
  • Food security;
  • Mental and physical health (including kidney health);
  • Racial justice; and
  • Social and legal services.

These cities were chosen because of their geographic proximity to Otsuka's offices in the United States and the potential of local nonprofits, community foundations, and community leaders to build resilient, vibrant communities. Grants are awarded directly from the Sozosei Foundation Community Fund housed at the three community foundation partners listed above. 

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