2024 Sozosei Summit to Decriminalize Mental Illness

Curiosity > Ideas > Action


Do we truly believe that all people deserve access to mental health care? 

This fundamental and purposely provocative question will kick off the 2024 Summit and set the stage for further inquiry, including: 

  • How do we ensure that humanity, empathy, and compassion are at the center of the care-coercion crossroads, and what role might psychiatric advance directives play in that effort?
  • What would be the impact of building an intersectional movement to decriminalize healthcare, including the decriminalization of mental health, substance use, abortion, HIV status, trans healthcare, and more?
  • Paying for mental healthcare has been an ongoing barrier to treatment, how can we accelerate change in private and public insurance to ensure access? 
  • What do we know about the decriminalization of mental illness? An update on the creation of a national research framework.
  • How might a national creative communications campaign disrupt the status quo of the criminalization of mental illness?

After these panels, Summit participants will break into smaller groups, and, using the ideas sparked at the panels, will build frameworks that convert those ideas into blueprints for next steps and action. 

Learn more and view the agenda, currently in formation, here and we welcome you to share your ideas for speakers and topics here

Note, this year, the Summit will not be live-streamed. It will, however, be recorded. There are only 265 available seats for in-person participation, so please register early.